About Us

About Us

As a mother of a beautiful little girl with very sensitive skin I came to realize that so many (if not all) of our current ranges of clothing and toys come from China and other Countries which use a cheap manufacturing process using toxic chemicals and poisonous colours and dyes without any sort of adequate quality control.

In Poland where I was born and grew up all our clothing and toys where natural and ecological and there was no need to worry about toxicity and poisons. And thanks to our proximity to Germany and other neighbouring countries we had access to items and goods that went through rigorous quality controls and manufacturing standards.

Australia is a VERY prosperous country yet I found it difficult if not impossible to find a better quality and more natural and ecological range of clothing for my daughter without having to order directly from overseas and incurring very high costs and delivery fees.

This does not mean that Australian made goods were in any way bad or of poor quality in the past. But sadly most of our own home grown clothing and toy manufacturers have gone overseas for all their products. Some of our favourite manufacturers are no longer Australian owned and the quality of our own goods has greatly diminished.

Therefore here I am, making available to all you mums like me, quality items from my native country, Europe, USA. Completely Natural and Eco Friendly. No poisons, no chemicals and just kind to gentle baby skin. With so many babies suffering from eczema these days, it’s even more important that their clothing is free from chemicals and super soft.